NitroMojo’s proprietary method of collecting and integrating data delivers a robust array of dashboard reports that help you understand your End Buying Customers and your business like never before. The dashboards are organized by role or function and provide hierarchical views where appropriate. In addition each dashboard is drillable to reveal multiple layers of information down to the End Buying Customers associated with the representative data.

Because of the inclusion and integration of End Buying Customer data, for the first time you will be able to accurately measure marketing ROI, increase the accuracy of sales forecasts, have clear insight into your Partner Channels and their performance, know which competitors are winning business and why, rapidly monitor new product launches and much more.

In addition to each dashboard being drillable to reveal the End Byer data, each End Buyer data set can be exported to deploy highly targeted and relative sales and marketing treatments.

Explore NitroMojo business intelligence and the actionable insights it delivers


  • Win/Loss by rep/territory
  • Pipeline opportunities
  • Lead load
  • Sales barriers
  • Sales by market segment
  • Overall sales performance KPIs


  • Marketing ROI by Campaign
  • Marketing ROI by media type
  • Leads by customer segment
  • Competitor Win/Loss/Why
  • End Buyer segments/size
  • End Buyer relationship interests

Product Management

  • Purchases by product/quantity
  • Planned purchases by product/quantity
  • Product satisfaction
  • Product suggestions
  • Competitor wins by product/by brand

Channel Management

  • Partner relationship satisfaction
  • Percentage of sales by Partner
  • Percentage of Competitor sales by Partner
  • Purchases planned by Partner
  • Brand loyalty by Partner
  • End Buying Customer preferred Partners

Executive Management

  • Win/Loss trends by region
  • Pipeline forecasts by product and region
  • Competitor trends
  • Partner trends
  • Market segment sales trends
  • Marketing ROI
  • Sales performance by Region

Explore NitroMojo business intelligence and the actionable insights it delivers