maskThe Scenario

The leading manufacturer of respiratory protection was launching a new product that had been in the design and planning stage for over two years and faced stiff competition.  The success of the launch was not only being measured by the amount of sales realized in a short period, but it was critical to get feedback on the product from End Buying customers as quickly as possible to ensure the product was meeting unmet needs in the marketplace and to acquire customer testimonials to drive confidence in the product.


Campaign Approach

A free trial offer was made to a highly targeted group of 1,900 End Buying customers via direct mail and email.  As part of the trial offer, customers were required to utilize the product for a minimum of 14 days and maximum of 30 days and then provide feedback on the performance.   All responses were captured in NitroMojo and leads were distributed to the appropriate sales reps and Partner Distributors based upon the data captured as part of the on the response process.

After 14 days after the free trial product was received, an automated follow-up email was sent to the End Buying customers participating in the free trial with a link to a feedback form in NitroMojo.  At the 30 day marker a reminder email was sent to any participants who had yet to provide feedback.  One of the End Buying customers who provided feedback stated that they liked the product but was having a hard time getting pricing from their preferred Partner Distributor.  An automated alert from NitroMojo was sent to the assigned sales rep letting them know of the problem.  The rep worked with the Partner Distributor and got pricing to the customer within 24 hours and closed a $250K sale as a result.



  • 195 leads were generated through a combination of the email and direct mail campaigns for a total
  • There were 108 completed evaluations returned providing in depth feedback on the product.
  • 32% of leads converted to a sale with total first year incremental revenue of $1.2M generated
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