Grow Revenue by Integrating Partner Channels into Your Sales and Marketing Process

Partner Channels – The Missing Links

When you sell your products or services through Partner Channels like Distributors, Dealers, VARS, etc. you can easily lose control of the sales process as well as access to information and the End Buying customer compromising many of your important business processes. Learn how to adjust your sales and marketing process to eliminate “sales leaks” and improve a variety of business functions like:

  • Lead management and the End Buying customers experience during the sales process
  • Significantly improve the accuracy of sales forecasts
  • Develop strong relationships with the real drivers of your business- End Buying customers
  • Ability to measure marketing ROI based on actual sales to End Buying customers- not just clicks, views and leads
  • Drastically improve Partner relationships and End Buying customers experiences by capturing and utilizing data that connects the two
  • Shorten new product development cycles and accelerate sales from product launches with the ability to “pull through” rather than “push through”


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