The Scenario

A global leader in protective gloves and clothing was launching a new product that was an extension of their largest selling product line and a “me too” to the market.

It was vitally important that the launch generate sales revenues equal to or greater than the revenue figures budgeted while minimizing cannibalization of sales from one of their other products by reaching new markets and new End Buying customers.


Campaign Approach

In addition to product marketing collateral, a sales promotion was designed for both company and Partner Distributor sales reps.  Company sales reps received points for any product sales over and above pre-set sales minimums. Partner Distributor reps received points when they registered End Buying customers who were using competitive products.  The customers Distributor reps registered received a complimentary sample of the new product and a follow-up email with a link to a feedback form where they provided additional information including purchase decision, usage applications, etc.  If an End Buying customer converted to the new product, the referring Partner Distributor rep received additional program points.

The entire program was administered through NitroMojo. Company Sales Reps could view information on all participating Partner Distributor reps and prospective customers in their territory. That information was used to work with Distributor reps to convert users of competitive products to the new product.



  • The campaign far exceeded the sales goal, generating more than $2.1 million in revenue which was $800K over budget
  • 14,000 End Buying customers participated in the campaign, many from markets outside of traditional distribution.
  • 300 Distributor sales reps enrolled in the sales promotion program strengthening relationships with Partner Channels
  • The data collected as a result of the campaign was used to fuel successful future product launches
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