partner-programThe Scenario

A manufacturer was at the end of a significant patent and faced excruciating competitive pressure with both its End User customers and Partner Channels.  The patent had enabled them to build one of the most successful product lines in their industry along with healthy profit margins.  The impending competition threatened to take market share as well as have a negative impact on the business from their top Partner Distributors.


Campaign Approach

A sweepstakes contest and aggressive lead generation program was designed and implemented featuring the successful product line.  The top 20 Partner Distributors were approached and offered all the leads generated through the sweepstakes based on customer relationship and geography with the remaining dispersed in a “poker deal” fashion.  Participating Partner Distributors had to agree not to promote a competitor product for the four month sweepstakes period and have an adequate supply of the product in stock.  At the same time as the contest started, the Manufacturer implemented NitroMojo through which the leads, sales follow-up and Partner Channel interaction were managed and measured.


Measured Results

  • More than 9,000 leads were generated over the four month period resulting in over $3M in revenues
  • The flurry of leads helped to engage the Partner Distributors in the NitroMojo process and strengthened the relationship with the manufacturer
  • The robust data collected from NitroMojo process provided a significant boost to End Buying customer and prospect database assets that are utilized regularly to implement successful marketing initiatives and launch new products.
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