Don’t Make Them Wait

Trade Show picture

 You spend your precious marketing dollars on exhibition space, collateral, give-aways and travel to a large tradeshow. Your efforts produce record breaking lead numbers. Now what? Are the leads housed in a spreadsheet somewhere for follow-up sometime? If marketers, in conjunction with their sales teams, don’t have a solid plan for tradeshow follow-up it’s likely that a good portion of money spent on the tradeshow was for not.

Most marketing managers are so focused on lead generation and brand development that they give little thought to what communication is sent to prospects after they have responded to a marketing event. But once you have spent the dollars to generate that lead, doesn’t it make sense to ensure the prospect has an exceptional experience during the rest of the sales process?

After any marketing event, leads should receive an immediate response, or at worst case, a follow-up within 48 hours. For web leads, achieving this gold standard is easy. A company’s marketing automation system should be able to automatically push back product and “where to buy” information. Follow-up can also include how to access technical or sales assistance.

However, leads from a tradeshow, for example, don’t go directly to the website. For this reason, a process must be in place so that the leads can be acted on within 24 hours by the sales team. A system like NitroMojo can facilitate that process between sales and marketing. Within the lead management system, leads are captured from any marketing event, then routed to the correct sales person or channel partner. Within the lead record is all of the information necessary for follow up. With complete lead information, distributed internally in a timely fashion, there is no excuse for not following the gold standard of immediate follow up.

Nothing speaks louder to your brand than the level of service your prospective customers experience right from the beginning.  If your prospective customers are delighted by your impeccable service after making an inquiry, you have one up on your competition.

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