The first step in developing strong relationships with End Buying Customers is to consistently and more effectively capture information about them and use that information to drive an improved customer experience and increase sales conversions. NitroMojo improves the collection of Customer response data through intelligent forms management and the ability to apply business rules and marketing campaign information to that data.  The result is:

Consistently and more effectively capture information about end buying customers
  • An increase of 50% or more in the number of leads generated via all marketing channels
  • Improved customer segmentation, lead distribution and lead qualification
  • End Buying customer purchase experience is easier and faster
  • Strengthened and more profitable Partner relationships
  • More accurate and robust Marketing ROI measurement

Shows interest via:

  • Website
  • Digital media
  • Email
  • Trade Show
  • Etc.


  • Contact info
  • Opportunity size
  • Vertical segment
  • Buying stage
  • Preferred Partner

Business rules applied to the capture form determines next action in sales process and distributes End Buying Customer information to the Preferred Partner, assigned Sales rep and Marketing.

See how NitroMojo increases lead generation and conversion