Increase the accuracy of sales forecasts and improve sales conversions without costly overstock

Create strong relationships with End Buying Customers. Strengthen Partner Channels.

Eliminate the holes in your sales process that are leaking revenue

Over 40 drillable dashboards that improve the performance of every member of your sales and marketing organization

NitroMojo provides continual improvement to your bottom line by fully integrating End Customers with Partner Channels and everyone within your organization who touches the customer.

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Customer Success Stories

Partner Program

Pays Off

Launching NitroMojo with a big promotion tied to Partner Participation generates more than 9K new leads and closes over $3M in sales in less than 9 months. Learn More

Sales Barrier Alert

Closes $250K Deal

NitroMojo alerts sales rep that prospective customer is waiting for a price quote. The sales reps takes immediate action with the appropriate Partner and closes a $250K sale in less than 24 hours. Learn More

Product Launch

Exceeds Forecast

Using customer data analytics and advanced segmentation in NitroMojo to launch a new “late to market” product results in sales 19% over forecast and in 3 months ahead of schedule. Learn More

How it Works


Automatically & efficiently collect valuable End Buying customer and Partner data visible and actionable throughout the organization.


Customizable, automated triggers based on business rules stimulate actions by End Buying customers, Partners, Sales & Marketing stakeholders facilitating a customer focused operation.


Role focused functionality makes coordination, collaboration and accountability easy between Partner Channels, End Buying customers, Sales, Marketing and Product Management.


More than 40 drillable dashboards organized by roll provide real time insights into competitors, customer demand trends, sales barriers, marketing ROI, Partner performance, unmet customer needs, sales performance, forecasting and win/losses.

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If You Sell Through Partner Channels- 3 Things You Must Do In 2017 To Grow Revenue

After interviewing more than a hundred CMOs, Global and Regional Sales Managers, Field and Inside sales reps and Marketing Directors during the last months of 2016 – and reviewing research from Forrester, Sirius Decisions and Gartner – here are our initial...
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Product Launch Exceeds Forecast

The Scenario A global leader in protective gloves and clothing was launching a new product that was an extension of their largest selling product line and a “me too” to the market. It was vitally important that the launch generate sales revenues equal to or greater...
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Sales Barrier Alert Closes $250k Deal

The Scenario The leading manufacturer of respiratory protection was launching a new product that had been in the design and planning stage for over two years and faced stiff competition.  The success of the launch was not only being measured by the amount of sales...
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Partner Program Pays Off

The Scenario A manufacturer was at the end of a significant patent and faced excruciating competitive pressure with both its End User customers and Partner Channels.  The patent had enabled them to build one of the most successful product lines in their industry along...
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Five Success Factors to Increasing Lead Conversions

Leveraging your campaign inquiry list is an essential best practice to successfully converting leads into sales. Not only does it convey you are interested in quickly satisfying a target prospect’s needs, it positions your team to close more sales-ready prospects who...
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How Lack of Channel Integration Put a Negative Whammy on Origins (an Estee Lauder Company)

A couple of days ago, I received an expensive direct mail piece form Origins, a top shelf skin care company.  (Trust me, I’ve been around direct mail for a ton of years so I know what “expensive” looks like.) I’m sharing this story with you because a good chunk of the...
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Operationalizing VoC- Forrester Research Insights

In February 2013, Forrester Research released results on a study they conducted on Customer Service.  In addition to general findings on Customer Service as a function, this report included important observations on Voice of Customer programs: “Trend  Five: Voice of...
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Put the “C” (Customer) back into your CRM initiative with these 5 steps

When it comes to sales and marketing technology, it’s easy and tempting to become self-focused and neglect the “C” in CRM – after all, it is Customer Relationship Management. This really isn’t a surprising revelation as the hectic pace of taking care of today:  making...
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Being Customer Centric– more than technology

“Brick walls are there for a reason.  They let us prove how badly we want things”.  Randy Paush To be customer centric requires more than technology Being customer centric is much more than claiming it on your web site or annual report.  It doesn’t occur by...
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Put the “C” (Customer) back into your CRM initiative with these 5 steps

When it comes to sales and marketing technology, it’s easy and tempting to become self-focused and neglect the “C” in…

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